Splendor All Around

•2014 - 2017, California, Oregon & Washington
•Performance Art, Sculptural Welding, Electronic Art

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Splendor All Around is a record label, music collective, and touring performance experience. There have been 4 major music tours, each lasting three weeks, traveling hundreds of miles and playing dozens of tiny folk rock shows for intimate audiences. I am a roadie, show host, photographer, logistics manager, bus driver, lighting and sound tech and cook for this traveling music project when we are on the road.

Splendor is a 1986 International S1700 School Bus that has undergone significant architectural / sculptural redesign. I am the lead technical engineer of Splendor’s changing physical form, cutting the roof off and adding the Atrium in 2015, and designing and welding the front Gem Bubble observation bulb in 2016. Splendor is a an ongoing experiment in heavy industrial art, metallurgy, and automotive mechanics.


Check it out at SplendorAllAround.com

Whitney Freedman