Whitney Freedman
Whitney Desert Masked_3.jpg

What am I up to?

It's 2019 and I am focusing my attention on designing and building temporary spaces and immersive experiences. I am also a freelance photographer and you can find a photo portfolio on this site as well. I am always moving through spaces with a inquisitive eye and developing ideas of how an environment can be designed or played with in a more critical and engaging way. I work with event producers, production crews, and corporate clients to develop concepts for temporary installations and experiences. I am here to ideate, make measurements, submit proposals and budgets, weld, saw, paint and light spaces into new meaning. The goal varies; sometimes it is to lampoon an oppressive institutionalized element of society, and other times it is just about making a dirty warehouse into a pleasant cocktail lounge for an evening. I am intentional and calculated in the crafting of how humans interact and occupy a temporary space, and so this site is a portfolio of sorts to showcase my work in environmental and experiential design.

Lets do some work together!
My email address is: first name at first name last name dot com