Passport Puzzle


Passport Puzzle

• 2018 • Electric Forest Festival, Michigan
• Game Design, Graphic Design, Large Scale Collaboration

The Time Travel Agency Passport Puzzle was an interactive alternate reality game at the 2018 Electric Forest Festival. Commissioned by Nova Han Productions for The Hanger space this elaborate scavenger hunt sent participants on a quest to solve four mini puzzles and receive a stamp on their Passport Card for each one. Once the passport card was complete with four visa stamps, it could be exchanged for a lapel pin which would grant the wearer access to hidden VIP experiences around the venue.

The mini-puzzles involved critical inspection of everyday objects, perspective tricks, UV ink and black lights, electrical circuit connection, clues hidden in plain sight, forgeries, hedge maze exploration and lots of character interaction with the hundreds of hired actors roaming the space.

VIP Reward experiences for those with Lapel Pins:

Twilight Zone - A game show style choose a door adventure ending with a blind leap of faith into a swimming pool of foam cubes.
Captain’s Lounge - A private lounge with billiards tables, burlesque shows, chandeliers, and its own bar with exclusive cocktails.
Poetry Brothel - An intimate puzzle solving and word play space that ended with very intimate exotic poetry readings.

Whitney Freedman