Deck Building



• 2015 - 2017  •  California
• Construction

I have designed and built a few decks in California in the recent years. I enjoy making trips to the lumber yard and wearing a tape measure on my hip on long summer days.

Drum Canyon Deck

This large rectangular deck measures 24' by 16' and is built on a slight grade. It has a three foor  cantilever all around and in the spring the grass grows tall around it and the whole platform seems to float in the meadow. 

BathHouse Hexagon Deck

Inspired by the hexagonal GemBubble on the Splendor bus, I designed and built this hexagonal  deck in the backyard of BathHouse. It is built from redwood 2x6 lumber for both framing and decking, has a 13' diameter, and sits 22" above ground. It has a trapezoidal section removed to accommodate a fire pit on one side, and tall 4x4 posts set into concrete to allow for future building projects.

Whitney Freedman