I am a solutionist who works in post production film and photography, installation art and experiential design. I thrive in deadline driven creative projects with small groups of skilled and caffeinated artists. In college I studied Film Production and Anthropology, and since have spent a few years working full time with a post production team at a creative design studio.

Now I try to fill my calendar with freelance projects in as diverse a set of tasks as possible. This keeps new ideas near me and allows me to keep learning new types of art, new languages of collaboration, and new uses of tools.

I am a second generation Californian, I make lists and organize my life in Moleskin notebooks, I have been a vegetarian for 15 of my 27 years, I have traveled in 17 countries, been to That Party in the Desert six times, have crewed on two sailboats, and climbed some small mountains.

I am so serious about wanting to collaborate with you that against my better judgment I put my cell phone number on this easy to find website.

Freelance Services Offered

Film and Media
Systems Administration

Video Art Installation
Identity and Insight
Ethno-Media Consultant

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